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07 November 2023

Golden Jubilee: Celebrating C.B.C Coconut Oil’s 50 Year Milestone with In-Store Excitement and Online Thrills

For half a century, C.B.C Coconut Oil has been a trusted companion in households worldwide, offering natural and pure wellness to its consumers. This year, as C.B.C Coconut Oil marks its 50th anniversary, an integrated celebration was held to celebrate this monumental milestone. From irresistible in-store promotions, captivating point-of-sale displays, and an exciting online contest, C.B.C Coconut Oil’s Golden Jubilee campaign promises a memorable event for C.B.C users.

Through a series of radio advertisements and influencer postings on social media platforms, news of the C.B.C anniversary campaign made its way to invite consumers to visit selected retail chains to purchase C.B.C products and experience the differences themselves. This campaign created a buzz on social media platforms, garnering an overwhelming response from both new and loyal consumers of C.B.C in the form of postings and videos by trending influencers. Daily and weekly winners of this anniversary campaign were rewarded with Gold Coins and C.B.C exclusive hampers.


Diligent promoters were also stationed in-stores to promote the wonders of C.B.C Pure White Coconut Oil. From its antioxidant properties and cholesterol-free nature, shoppers were briefed on the goodness of C.B.C to educate, entice and encourage their interest and purchase. This was made extra special with the 50th Anniversary celebration, where consumers stand a chance to take home exciting prizes, all by just purchasing C.B.C Coconut Oil and tagging @cbccoconutoil_uae.

As C.B.C Coconut Oil celebrates its 50th year, it does so not only with a look back at its remarkable journey but also with a vision for the future—one that continues to prioritise the well-being and satisfaction of its cherished customers. C.B.C Coconut Oil’s Golden Jubilee campaign is more than just a celebration of time passed; it is a testament to the brand’s enduring commitment to excellence. C.B.C Coconut Oil will continue to add value to the lives of many and remain as the top and trusted brand in households around the globe.

title C.B.C 50 Year Milestone | SD Guthrie International Professional
description Celebrating 50 years, C.B.C Coconut Oil reflects on its journey while looking forward, continuing to prioritize the well-being & satisfaction of its cherished customers.
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