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16 December 2022

SD Guthrie International Introduces ALIF EcoPaX

In line with its drive towards innovation, SD Guthrie International Professional Sdn. Bhd. has introduced an exciting new packaging ALIF EcoPaX. Offering superior quality ALIF cooking oil enhanced with vitamin D3 in new, innovative packaging, ALIF EcoPaX is suited for urban households with many features making it the preferred choice for modern lifestyles.

Bringing modern packaging to the ALIF brand family, the slim packaging offers convenience to ALIF consumers. ALIF cooking oil now comes in a Stand-Up Pouch, which is less bulky than the standard PET oil bottle and contains enough for everyday cooking usage in the average modern household of 3-4 members.

In addition, the flat, slim packaging makes the product easy to store even in cluttered kitchen spaces, as it can be slotted into any empty space with relative ease. This makes ALIF EcoPaX the right choice for urban households, as it is easily transportable during the journey from your grocery store to your kitchen. 

ALIF EcoPaX’s new packaging increases its functionality compared to other oil products. The reclosable Easy Pour cap and user-friendly spout offer more precise control, allowing users to avoid pouring out too much and accidental overspills when using the cooking oil.

ALIF EcoPaX stands out as suitable for the environmentally-minded ALIF consumer. The packaging for ALIF EcoPaX is easier to recycle than bulky PET bottles due to its slim shape: the slim and flat packaging format is easily foldable, facilitating the handling for recycling. 

Modern problems require modern solutions and SD Guthrie International Professional Sdn. Bhd. has provided just that with the ALIF EcoPaX. With its functionality, convenience, and sustainability alongside all the familiar benefits of ALIF cooking oil, ALIF EcoPaX is the ideal choice for every urban family. 

Purchase your ALIF EcoPaX at your nearest grocery store or supermarket today!

title ALIF EcoPaX Limited Edition | SD Guthrie International Professional
description In conjunction with sponsoring the Malaysian Football League (MFL), ALIF Cooking Oil introduces the 3kg EcoPaX MFL limited edition.
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