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SUNBEAM Sunflower Oil

Lower your risk of heart disease while keeping your dish tasty.

Extracted from premium sunflower seeds, SUNBEAM Sunflower Oil is a naturally cholesterol-free cooking oil rich in polyunsaturated fats and Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant that helps you combat free radicals, as well as the essential fatty acid Omega 6, an essential nutrient that the human body cannot produce and can only be obtained through our diet.

Thanks to the neutral flavour, you can get creative with SUNBEAM Sunflower Oil in the kitchen. Perfect for sautéing, stir-frying, baking, grilling, and any other cooking style.

Product name: SUNBEAM Sunflower Oil
Shelf life: 24 months

title SUNBEAM Sunflower Oil | SD Guthrie International Professional
description Enriched with Omega-6 and Vitamin E, SUNBEAM Sunflower Oil is a versatile cooking oil with numerous benefits for the heart.

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