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Best of both worlds? How about three?

True cooks know the type of cooking oil plays a big role in taste, and KING ROOSTER Cooking Oil can definitely give you the flavour boost you need. KING ROOSTER Cooking Oil combines the nuttiness of peanut oil, the aroma of sesame oil and the neutral nature of palm oil all in one, giving you a proprietary blend of cooking oil full of depth and flavour that will elevate the taste of any dish.

KING ROOSTER Cooking Oil is rich in Vitamin E and phytosterols, superpower nutrients that are known to manage cholesterol levels and keep your heart healthy.

If you’re looking for a boost in flavour for your dish and make it deliciously wholesome, you can count on KING ROOSTER Cooking Oil to work the magic.

Product name: KING ROOSTER Cooking Oil 
Shelf life: 24 months 

title KING ROOSTER Cooking Oil | SD Guthrie International Professional
description KING ROOSTER is a premium blended oil consisting of pure groundnut oil, sesame oil, and superior palm olein, perfect for an aromatic deep-fry.

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