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COOK Pure Ghee

Love lots of flavour? You’ll love COOK Pure Ghee.

Made out of the finest cow’s milk, each drop of the natural golden yellow colour is free of preservatives, foreign fats, artificial flavours, additives or impurities so you can enjoy the scrumptiousness without worrying about unhealthy ingredients entering your body.

Whether you’re looking to add flavour to your dish or creating flavour depth to your desserts, COOK Pure Ghee is the ideal choice for both your savoury and sweet culinary delights.

Product name: COOK Pure Ghee
Shelf life: 24 months

title COOK Pure Ghee | SD Guthrie International Professional
description Try COOK Pure Ghee: 100% pure and natural ghee made from the finest New Zealand cows milk for an unbeatable flavour.

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